Vancouver Foodster Pizza Challenge

  • By Duncan Joseph
  • 03 Mar, 2017
We're stoked for the Vancouver Foodster Pizza Challenge! From March 3rd-26th, 2017 come try our Smoked Beef Cheek Pizza at Hearthstone Tap & Forno & vote for your favourite pizza!

More details about voting and the Vancouver Pizza Challenge here:

More about our Smoked Beef Cheek Pizza:

Tender smoked & braised local beef cheeks. Whole roasted garlic cloves, fresh cream, fiore di latte. Finished with shaved grana padano, fresh basil, sea salt and white truffle oil.
By Duncan Joseph 30 Aug, 2017

Rizzla Rice Lager is an easy drinking Asian style lager made with a blend of barley, rice, hops, water and yeast. Brewed using rice properly, for flavour rather than filler, bittered with classic northern brewer hops to balance the rice sweetness.  We also use an enzyme during fermentation which significantly reduces the gluten in this brew. 

We have had two independent tests done, on two separate batches, by the good folks at White Labs and the Seibel Institute.  These tests have shown that we’ve managed to reduce the gluten to under ten parts of gluten per million, which is below the recommended threshold (<20ppm) of gluten for those with gluten allergies and intolerances. Every batch is also tested twice in the same manner.  

Please note, we are brewers, not doctors.  Please consult a physician if you have any concerns before consuming.

You might ask what does gluten friendly mean? As we initially produce this beer with a gluten product (barley) and later reduce the gluten during fermentation, we aren't able to call this beer gluten free, but gluten friendly or gluten reduced. 

By Duncan Joseph 11 Aug, 2017
Hearthstone is releasing our newest single release beer Slackline Summer Ale today! Available at Hearthstone today and in select stores soon.

Slackline Summer Ale is a moderately hopped refreshing ale with delicate juniper spice notes, fermented with Sach Trois yeast providing a gentle yet complex bouquet. Get some and enjoy Summer before it gone!
By Duncan Joseph 28 Jul, 2017
Hearthstone and Stillwater Artisnal recently had the pleasure of collaborating on a funky IPA thanks to our friends at BeerThirst who brought us together to collaborate! The beer we made together, That New Trapp, will be a funky IPA fermented with Brett B and Conan yeast Dry Hopped with Citra, Amarillo & Mosaic hops.  Out later this Summer 🍻
By Duncan Joseph 14 Jun, 2017

On June 13th Hearthstone Brewery had the pleasure of teaming up with Portland Craft & Chef Poole for an intimate Brewmasters Dinner. The Dinner combined Hearthstone Beer with carfully selected parings by Chef Poole.

By Duncan Joseph 26 May, 2017

Out of the fire & into your hand comes our next Small Release Beer the Black Pils! On select store shelves today ⚔ 🍻

By Duncan Joseph 15 May, 2017
We had the pleasure of work with Flights to produce an awesome video all about what is going on at Hearthstone. Check out their full article about their video on Vancouver is Awesome . Huge thanks to Flights for all of their hard work on this video!

Also check out Flights other work about the BC Craft Beer Scene here:

Shout out to Vancouver is Awesome for all of their support presenting Flights 🍻
By Duncan Joseph 15 May, 2017

Our crushable, thirst quenching  seasonal beer Cool Hand Cuke Cucumber Sour returns to stores today!  

To make Cool Hand Cuke we take our delicately tart golden house sour and dryhop it with a few bushels of big ‘ol cukes, resulting in an approachable sour with a refreshing hint of cucumber.


By Duncan Joseph 13 May, 2017

Whether you live under or near the sea this hazy Pineapple IPA is for you!  

By Duncan Joseph 09 May, 2017
The lucky winner & 5 friends will enjoy an adventure day including a ride on the Sea to Sky Gondola & climbing a Via Ferrata route led by Mountain Skills Academy & Adventures ! Followed up by beer and pizza at Hearthstone. (Must be 19+ years old for the beer at Hearthstone)

Enter at the following participating  locations:

Hearthstone Tap & Forno
Dollarton Liquor Store
Firefly Liquor Store
Scotties Liquor Store
Golden Ears Liquor Store
Mission Springs Liquor Store
Rivers Reach Liquor Store
Newport Liquor Merchants
Jakes Liquor Store
Frog and Nightgown
Westcoast Liquor Store Oak Street
8th Street Liquor Store
Tobys Commercial Drive
By Duncan Joseph 27 Apr, 2017
Hearthstone Brewery's second Small Release Series Beer Atlantic Pale Ale hits shelves today!
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