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Make your way to North Vancouver's most welcoming tap & forno restaurant.

The word "Hearthstone" refers to the base of a fireplace, and is often used as a representation of warmth and home. We brew beer and cook as a form of self expression, but also to bring people together. We enjoy bringing friends, family and strangers alike coming together over a pint and great food. Find warmth and solace while drinking our beer and eating our food at Hearthstone Tap & Forno.



Our Tap & Forno isn't just a place to find a buzz, it's a place to gather with friends and loved ones to experience the sensory pleasure that is drinking a finely crafted local beer paired with excellent food. We don't view this as just another job; this is our passion. We strive to immerse our guests in the culture of our Tap & Forno and encourage you to try everything and really get to know the complex flavours we offer. Our staff are always happy to make recommendations, and are extremely knowledgeable about the beer and food they serve. If you've been searching for a local hangout where you can be treated as part of the family while enjoying delicious new brews and food, Hearthstone Tap & Forno is the place for you.

Delicious food.

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More than just pizza from this Forno oven in North Vancouver.

At the heart of the restaurant is our double forno oven that brings everyone together. We focus on creating unique items that are prepared out of the forno oven and utilize this rustic and classic cooking method. With a seasonally inspired rustic theme, our dishes are designed to reflect the comfort one craves when savouring our house crafted beer. 
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